Listen to my songs and they will tell you about how I feel, what I think, what I’ve done, where I’ve been, where I’m going, who I love and those I’ve lost. I write and sing my songs unashamedly from the heart. Inspired by the Poet Tony Harrison who I had the pleasure and privilege of working with in Delphi and at the National Theatre – London, and meeting the prolific singer-songwriter  Steve Earle whose songs have also inspired and influenced me, I have found great comfort, enjoyment and satisfaction sharing my words and my stories with those people I reach and connect with. Something I thought I could never do but now that I do, I am able to help others write and share what they have to say in their song/s too. (click on ‘Crazy World’)

Please enjoy three of my songs and sample lyrics below:

I WRITE SONGS Written by Chris Beck – Produced and Performed by Chris Beck and Steve Redfearn

Another stage another song
Pleased to meet you all I’m sure we’ll get along
What you see is what you get
Maybe you’ll remember me but I hope you won’t forget

I don’t play for fame or fortune, I write songs
I write for those I know and love and I write when things go wrong
I’ll write forever, whatever comes along,
I write stories, I write songs …………..

HELLO ME Written by Chris Beck – Produced and Performed by Chris Beck and Steve Redfearn

When I woke up I was smiling feeling fine the sun was shining you were mine and I was crying no more
New beginnings, I was singing, the telephone had started ringing, I was ready and raring to go

So I guess I’ll keep on trying, face the music stop denying that I’m better than I ever thought I’d be
When you meet somebody special you can love and reach a level that allows you to be close and still be free

My new life begins today
Living precious dreams and throwing the old away
I’ve been searching now I’ve found the key
Hello to myself again
Goodbye misery ………………..

HOME     Written by Chris Beck – Produced and Performed by Chris Beck and Steve Redfearn